Delaware Senators react to future of Affordable Care Act


DELAWARE – Delaware’s U.S. Senator Tom Carper is reacting to the news that the Supreme Court may end up leaving the Affordable Care Act in place.

Chief Justice, John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh are among the conservative justices who seem unwilling to strike down the entire law.
Meanwhile, the court’s three liberal justices are almost certain to vote to uphold the law, in its entirety.

Senator Carper says he helped pass the ACA and admits it’s not perfect, however he says he’s hoping to work across the aisle to improve it rather than removing it completely.

“And if we had a congress that was willing to work with the new administration, I think we could make a good benefit even better,” says Senator Carper.

Senator Carper also says 20 million Americans get their health care through the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, Senator Chris Coons tells 47 ABC that he finds it hard to predict how the court will rule on the ACA. A ruling is expected by June.

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