Delaware restaurants moving back to 30% capacity starting Monday, Delaware Restaurant Association weighs in on new restrictions

DELAWARE- Restaurants in Delaware are busy making changes after Governor John Carney announced that starting Monday capacity would have be reduced back to 30%.

“To take restaurants already struggling to 60 percent to 30 percent capacity with really no clear cut contact tracing data is very frustrating,” Carrie Leishman, President & CEO
Delaware Restaurant Association, said.

Leishman said one of the reasons the change in capacity is frustrating is because she feels other industries aren’t being as limited as they are.

“They are really restricting them inside when black Friday shopping and big lines at the malls are allowed to continue at 60 percent and I just don’t understand that,” Leishman said.

On the other hand, the founder of Crooked Hammock, Rich Garrahan, said he recognizes the Governor’s concerns and he actually anticipated this change.

“We understand how restaurants can be seen as a threat and potentially the spread of the virus so we take our role in it very seriously,” Garrahan said.

Garrahan added that for his restaurant and brewery they don’t have to make many changes.

That’s because they have kept a very socially distanced floor plan and they have a big space to accommodate people.

But Garrahan said he empathizes with other restaurants that don’t have that luxury.

“As a company, we’ve had to pivot this whole year since March so hopefully those other restaurants are prepared as well to be offering additional new services,” Garrahan said.

While more restrictions could be announced in the future, Leishman just hopes that the community will continue to support restaurants during these trying times.

“Whether it’s dining indoors, whether that is through carryout, and even through the holidays I would ask people to buy as many gift cards as they can,” Leishman said.

Crooked Hammock said a few months ago they introduced a new brand called Crave, which is an online delivery kitchen service serving the Rehoboth area.

They said this type of service is what the community may be looking for as we head into these colder months.

Leishman added that many restaurants have already spent tens of thousands of dollars winterizing their restaurants, so that’s another reason why these new restrictions could be frustrating.

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