Del. DOC sees increase in COVID-19 cases among inmates

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DOVER, Del. – The Delaware Department of Correction says it has recently seen an increase in inmate COVID-19 cases.

On November 16th, the DOC announced a cluster of positive cases in one housing building at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center (JTVCC) in Smyrna. Since, enhanced screening anad testing identified the first inmate COVID-19 cases at Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution, as well as additional cases in four housing buildings at JTVCC and a cluster of cases at the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution.

Over the past ten days, the DOC and its healthcare provider have administered 624 COVID-19 cases to inmates who have either exhibited symptoms, have come into sustained contact with COVID-positive inmates, or arae assigned to housing units where positive test resutls haave been returned. We’re told 221 of these tests have come back positive, and more th an 150 tests have come back negative.

Inmate testing is ongoign, and approximately 250 inmate COVID-19 tests remain pending at this time, including 120 at HRYCI, 100 at JTVCC, and 30 at BWCI.

Officials say 86% of the inmates with active COVID-19 infection are asymptomatic, and 14% are exhibiting only minor symptoms. All but five of the positive inmates are receiving 24/7 treatment in DOC COVID-19 Treatment Centers. We’re told three positive inmates are being housed in the JTVCC infirmary for observation, one is being held in quarantine at HRYCI, and one with underlying health conditions is receiving treatment in stable condition at a local hospital. None require supplemental oxygen at this time.

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