Delaware shares COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans


DELAWARE – As the Pfizer vaccine progresses, Delaware health officials are preparing for how they will distribute a COVID-19 vaccine in the state once it’s ready. The state’s Ethics Committee is discussing which groups would be among the first to receive a vaccine once it’s available.

Those groups include The Tier A group which is made up of high risk workers in health facilities like nursing homes, as well as first responders.
As well as the Tier B group which is for high risk health care facility workers, who are in non-direct patient care, as well as people with comorbid or underlying health conditions, and those in congregate settings.

“We know it’s certainly not coming in October. At one point we got a November 15th date. We don’t think that’s going to happen either but we will be ready whenever that comes. We’re thinking that’s probably going to be December,” says Director of  the Division of Public Health, Dr. Karyl Rattay.

State officials say Delaware is seeing about 241 new cases per day.  Although these numbers have given the Governor and officials cause for concern, they’re confident in the development of a vaccine to help the situation.

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