Coastal Hospice planning on how to continue to keep staff and patients safe as COVID-19 cases heighten

SALISBURY, Md.- Earlier this week, Governor Larry Hogan issued a new order that included updated guidance for nursing facilities.

As part of the order, visitors should get tested, staff should avoid gatherings, and facilities should develop sufficient PPE stockpiles.

Coastal Hospice, in Salisbury, said throughout this pandemic they have been communicating and reinforcing restrictions and guidelines.

But as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase in Maryland we are told this will impact how they deliver care.

They said they are looking at how they can continue to protect staff, patients, and families going forward.

“We will be taking a look again at things such as perhaps as providing support by telephone as opposed to an in-person visit,” Tracey Horan, VP of Clinical Services of Coastal Hospice, said. “We’ve actually started to hear from a few of our patients and family members about their desire to minimize the number of amount of traffic in the homes.”

We’re told they will also be looking at third party suppliers that they can engage with to get more PPE so they can continue to stockpile, but they sa this will be a challenge because more people will be trying to get what’s out there at the same time.

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