Cluster of COVID-19 cases identified in James T. Vaughn housing unit

DOVER, Del. – The Delaware Department of Correction says a cluster of inmate COVID-19 cases has been identified in one housing building at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center, the state’s largest prison in Smyrna.

Officials say 18 positive cases have been identified in the one housing building since Friday, November 13th. Six of the inmates are reportedly displaying no symptoms, while 12 have minor symptoms. All have been transferred to the JTVCC COVID-19 Treatment Center.

Three of the 18 inmates who have tested positive were transferred in late September from out-of-state correctional facilities. These inmates received a COVID-19 test and tested negative before returning to Delaware, and were tested a second time in Delaware and tested negative while on a 14-day quarantine before entering the general prison population.

“Thanks to the vigilance of our security and medical teams we have identified a cluster of COVID-19 cases in one building at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center. We are acting aggressively through monitoring, testing, and treatment to contain these cases and eradicate the illness from this facility,” Commissioner Claire DeMatteis said. “To date, DOC medical personnel have administered more than 5,700 COVID-19 tests among the inmate population, and we will continue to screen, quarantine, test, and treat inmates to mitigate the risks of this global pandemic.”

With the exception of this new cluster of cases at JTVCC, there are no COVID-19 cases among inmates at the remaining eight DOC Level IV and Level V facilities.

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