City of Salisbury World Kindness Week begins next Sunday

SALISBURY, Md. – The Salisbury community is gearing up for their World Kindness Week celebration, which starts next Sunday.

According to the City of Salisbury’s Secretary of Kindness, Grace Foxwell Murdock, this special week begins with the virtual Dance for Kindness.

There will also be a Race to Kindness, which offers people a chance to donate food in Downtown Salisbury for the homeless. This initiative is being led by 13-year-old Savanna Brooks and her mother Heather Brooks.

During the week, there will even be a Kind Texting Day, a Read a Book Day, and much more.

“We feel that if we involve the community in kindness then it makes everybody aware and it gives them the action to do kindness because we want the ripple effect to go across our community, our Eastern Shore, out into the world,” said Murdock.

According to Murdock, people will also be encouraged to show support for our veterans on Veterans Day on November 11th.

For more information about the World Kindness Week activities in Salisbury, you’re encouraged to visit the Facebook page called Kind SBY.

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