Carney re-elected for four more years as governor in Delaware

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DOVER, Del. – In Delaware, the race has been called in favor of incumbent democrat Governor Carney over republican Julianne Murray. Carney says despite 2020 being an unusual and challenging time for Delaware and the entire country, he says he believes this is a time for great potential, and that there’s never been a better time to get involved to help shape the future of Delaware and the United States. Carney has put this focus on a number of issues including keeping Delawareans safe and healthy amid the pandemic, focusing on racial justice, and working to strengthen public school for all Delaware children.

In a statement regarding his re-election, Carney said,” Tonight is a victory for Delawareans across our state. We came together and voted to follow the science. We voted to listen to the experts. We voted to keep our most vulnerable citizens safe. Thank you for placing your trust in me to continue the job we started. We will continue to confront COVID-19 and focus on the issues that matter to every Delaware family, good jobs, world-class schools, and great communities. I am praying like so many of you, that the American people also see a victory tonight.”




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