Absolutely Flawless Women Inc. hosting drive-thru Thanksgiving event due to COVID

MILLSBORO, Del.-  An organization called Absolutely Flawless Women Incorporated are having a drive-thru Thanksgiving event, since they can’t celebrate how they normally would due to COVID.

The organization said they usually invite people to their hall in Millsboro where they will cook them a thanksgiving meal.

This year they will change it to have cars go through a drive thru at 6 p.m. and then organization members will hand out meals to people in their cars, with gloves and masks.

We are told while we are in a pandemic, it is critical to still let those know that they are here to help during the holidays in a safe way.

“So it was very important for us to feed, to bring family together, to love, to you know just bring hope, and joy to let the community know for those who need it we are here,” Leshell Dennis, with
Absolutely Flawless Women Incorporated, said.

The event ends at 7:30 p.m.

We are told they have been serving families for 36 weeks through COVID.

They said the Thanksgiving event will happen at 19845 Lowes Crossing Road in Millsboro, and anyone who wants to donate for the meal can call 410-845-6930.

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