Votamos We Vote Coalition pushes harder to mobilize the Latino vote

DELAWARE – In Delaware, the Votamos We Vote Coalition is stepping up to the plate to help get more Latinos to cast their ballots on Election Day.

According to the coalition, there need to be more Latinos at the polls. So, they’re encouraging undocumented families to create videos to share on social media that motivate eligible voters to go and vote.

The coalition says other groups like the Latin American Community Center in Wilmington and local churches are also helping to encourage voters.

“So, what we understood is that now we’re together promoting this idea this common idea of civic engagement and elections and that means everyone no one left behind,” said Charito Calvachi-Mateyko, a member of the coalition and of the Delaware Hispanic Commission.

The coalition says they’re still looking to share more videos on social media from families in the Latino community. For more information, you’re encouraged to send them a message through their Facebook page called Votamos We Vote.

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