UMES looking for farmers to participate in integrated crop-livestock research

EASTERN SHORE, Md.-The University of Maryland Eastern Shore said they are looking for volunteers to participate in a study that was interrupted by COVID-19.
We are told that the research for integrated crop and livestock farms started last year to study the contamination of produce from animals.
We are told initially they had trouble finding farmers to participate.
They finally found a farm in March of this year, but COVID-19 put a pause into finding more participants and doing research.
Now, they are looking for more farmers to help them learn about contamination in these livestock farms.
“They are gaining knowledge in this area such as food-born pathogens, their distribution, their ecology transmission and control, so they are learning detailed information about these pathogens in their farms,” Dr. Salina Parveen, a UMES Professor, said.
We are told there is an increase in the risk of contamination of produce from animals and there is limited information of the ecology of the transmission.
Dr. Parveen adds that the recommendations they provide to farmers will help reduce production costs and increase farmers profits.
For more information on how to participate, you can email
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