Two local organizations help give Seaford teen battling cancer a day of pampering

BRIDGEVILLE, Del. – 19-year-old Noelle Kuhoric from Seaford is battling cancer for the third time and on Sunday she got a special surprise.

“I feel really excited and overwhelmed at the same time, but I also feel really loved,” said Kuhoric.

Kuhoric a student at the University of Virginia was first diagnosed with stage four small cell carcinoma when she was 17. She beat cancer for the second time in June but was diagnosed again in September.

Now doctors say she may only have a few months to live, which is why friends and family gathered Sunday at Heritage Shores in Bridgeville to give her a day she won’t forget.

“It is important for our young warriors to know how much they’re loved and supported,” said Laralyn Willey, founder of the ColeStrong Foundation.

She was pampered with makeup, sparkling juice, and even got a family photo session dressed in a wedding gown.

“My parents adopted me when I was four, and I just love and appreciate them so much. They have honestly given me everything that they could,” said Kuhoric.

She says she’s grateful for all the love and support and her hope is that no one ever has to go through this.

“Now I’m going through treatment and it doesn’t look like I’m going to make it, but it doesn’t mean that there’s not a group of kids in the future that are going to make it and live because of this drug,” said Kuhoric.

“So, it’s really important that we get to the point where cancer is not a big deal,” said Kuhoric.

The local organizations 4Troy Foundation and the ColeStrong Foundation helped organize the special day. They say Kuhoric also enjoyed a limo ride and had dinner with two local kids also battling cancer at the Cheesecake Factory in Newark.

Kuhoric says she’s also made a bucket list and one item on that list is to visit Disney World with her family for Christmas.

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