The Brightside: Local veteran helps people clear their mind with clay

MARYLAND – In Salisbury, Maryland, you’d be hard pressed to find someone more in love with mud than Constance Melvin.

Melvin owns The Mudhud: Clay Art Studio on North Division Street.

The name of the studio was inspired by Melvin’s grandparents.

Melvin explained, “[My dad] was like yeah, your grandparents used to own a ceramics shop in downtown Salisbury and it was called DNP MudHut. I was like, ‘Well really?!’ But I misheard him say MudHut, so it became MudHud instead.”

Looking at Melvin, it appears she’s been at this for a while. Really, it’s only been about a year and a half.

Melvin said, “I have really bad PTSD and I needed a way to reattach the link between my hands and my brain, so this was kind of like PT for my brain.”

Melvin developed PTSD from her time in the army. She says pottery helped her piece her mind back together.

“I was walking around in a fog so this really helped push through and not lose myself,” she said.

Melvin is now using pottery to help others.

“A lot of people who come in here connect with the fact that I have PTSD and have gone through traumas and so they tell me their stories,” she said.

Beyond that though, she is using her business simply to help people relax and unwind…proving that at The Mudhud, the dirtier the hands, the clearer the mind.

“I mean its dirt, its the earth moving through you and I think that’s what kind of helps. You’re slowing down, you’re breathing and that of course pulls you back to a meditative state,” she said.

On top of melting away stress, Melvin aims to help people build relationships at her studio.

She offers classes like “Parent and Me” and “Ghost Remake: Pottery Date Night.”

For more information on The Mudhud, or to book a class or sign up for a membership, you can visit

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