Teens from Baltimore head to Crisfield to learn more about the culture through mentor program


CRISFIELD, Md. – On Saturday, the Mentoring Male Teens in the Hood Program, which mentors young black men in Baltimore, headed to Crisfield for the day to learn more about Eastern Shore culture and what it has to offer.

“So they are going to learn about the ecology of our community, they are going to learn about the rich history of our community, they are going to learn about the water men,” says Shawna Kearsely, the Executive Director for the Crisfield Arts Syndicate Program.

Kearsely, who joined together with the program, says bringing these kids to the lower Eastern Shore gives them an experience they may have never gotten otherwise, which could expand their horizons. “I think that having this opportunity of mentorship for our youth in our community is definitely one of those ingredients that’s really going to make a difference in our community.”

The boys had the opportunity to go to a museum, a seafood processing plant, the marina, take part in some art projects and even go crabbing. Marvin Jonestovin, who’s a part of the group, says these trips mean a lot. “I love going on any trips with the program because I know it helps me learn, it helps me learn about my history, anything that can help me in the future,” says Jonestovin.

Jonestovin added that he appreciates what these mentors are doing, as they’ve made a real difference. “Everything that these guys guys are doing really helps everybody that goes through the program, everybody’s graduated, everybody has made it out the slums of Baltimore.”


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