Salisbury Chamber of Commerce says new relief funding will be helpful for businesses

MARYLAND- Governor Larry Hogan announced an additional $250 million dollars being added to their COVID-19 relief fund, something that will hopefully help small businesses.

Hogan said the new $250 million will fund multiple new relief efforts, as well as the expansion of existing relief programs.

This includes providing a third installment of funding to the Maryland small business COVID-19 relief grant, which awards grants of up to $10,000 to businesses of 50 or fewer employees.
The money can also be used to help restaurants with buying sanitation services and technology to support carryout and delivery.
President and CEO of the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce said they have been asking for the Governor’s help for awhile, so the extra money was welcome news.

“The vast majority of businesses, small retailers, especially our restaurants are suffering, we’re hopeful that getting this grant money into their hands will carry them through a rough patch, until Congress will get their act together,” Bill Chambers said.

As part of the initiative, $100 million dollars was also set aside that can be immediately given to areas where there is the greatest need as the pandemic continues and as state and local governments wait for the federal government to take action on additional stimulus relief.

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