No vote on diversity and inclusion requirement at Salisbury University

SALISBURY, Md. – Members of Salisbury University’s student government association are raising concerns after they say faculty failed to show up for an important vote. Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the SGA Dorien Rogers says that there was supposed to be a faculty-wide vote on Tuesday about whether to require a diversity and inclusion general education class for students. “This referendum is very rare. It’s a pivotal moment in our university’s history because that’s usually left to the faculty senate and their constituents as a governing body. This referendum allowed faculty to show up and decide if they should advance it or not,” said Rogers.

In order for the vote to happen, Rogers says that 231 of the 461 faculty members had to participate at a minimum. But Rogers tells 47ABC less than half of the university’s faculty took part in the meeting. “They didn’t even make quorum. So that to me as a student of color shows that they’re not really interested in pushing this forward as a faculty. It’s interesting because one of the things that I talked about at least with the faculty senate leadership is their other plans to integrate diversity and inclusion in it through general education reform,” said Rogers.

Salisbury University responded in a statement, writing in part, “While quorum was not achieved to vote on the reconsideration of one proposal for changes in SU’s general education requirements at a recent All Faculty meeting, that does not mean faculty are ignoring the idea of strengthening diversity and inclusion in the curriculum. The Faculty Senate will be reviewing a proposed new general education model which includes a diversity and inclusion requirement. Intercultural competence, inclusion and diversity are components of SU’s General Education Student Learning Goals and Outcomes. Our goal is to more fully incorporate intercultural competence, inclusion and diversity into the general education program in the near future.”

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