More than 50 tons of oily debris cleared from Sussex Co. beaches

SUSSEX COUNTY, Del. – More than 50 tons of oily sand and debris has now been cleared by clean up teams in Sussex County after an oil spill washed ashore last week. The U.S. Coast Guard tells 47ABC that clean up operations were slowed down by Sunday’s bad weather.

Meanwhile, a handful more of animals affected by the spill have been reported, but they are doing okay. The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control says if you see animals affected by the oil spill, you should not handle them. Instead, they ask that you report the animals to DNREC.

U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander Frederick Pugh says that the clean up process could take a while. That’s because of the size of the spill, and having to work around the changing tides carrying debris. “We are seeing re-depositing of oil debris. We see it come up typically with the high tide line. Each day you’d see four tides, two highs, two lows. We see the oil debris redeposit during high tide,” said LCDR Pugh.

LCDR Pugh also says that the debris and oil seems to be spreading south along the coast. He adds that the Coast Guard has identified two vessels that the oil spill could have come from. But they’re still working to find more.

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