MD, DE event organizers say Christmas parades still a go

SALISBURY, Md. -Come Dasher, come Dancer, come Prancer, come Vixen. The holiday season is drawing near, but will Christmas Parades still be a thing this season?

“I’ve had people ask about the parade as early as May, June so it’s definitely been on our minds,” said Salisbury Jaycees President, D’Shawn Doughty.

The COVID-19 pandemic has already forced some towns on Delmarva to cancel their Christmas parades this year, but others say the holiday tradition is still a go.

“We are working with different organizations and different people, and we want to have it but we just want to make sure it’s safe and still has the same spirit,” said Doughty.

Doughty says his team is already throwing ideas around of how to make this year’s parade happen. While still keeping people safe.
“We’re entertaining the thoughts of having a portion of it be virtual. I suspect there’s going to probably be a drive-through aspect where we’re going to ask if people can stay contained in their own vehicles or own protective ways,” said Doughty.
Meanwhile in Millsboro, officials have gotten the approval from the state of Delaware to move forward with their Christmas parade and tree lighting ceremony.
“We’ll obviously have to hand sanitizing stations along the route and some things of that nature. We’ve had craft tables and hot cocoa and cookie tables and things like that, but most of that, if not all of it, will shift outside,” said Millsboro Town Manager, Sheldon Hudson.
Hudson says they’re also welcoming anyone from other town’s who have cancelled their parades, to come celebrate in Millsboro.
“We’re trying to encourage those who live outside of Millsboro that might typically do a parade at the beach which or further inland to give Millsboro a try,” said Hudson.
And while things are sure to look different this year, event organizers say they just want to provide a little holiday magic during these trying times.
“It’s very key to make sure we have some degree of normalcy and some degree of keeping some spirits alive,” said Doughty.
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