Maryland virtual learning strike set to take place October 19th – 25th to get all kids back in school

MARYLAND- A group in Maryland, Return2Learn MD Schools, is participating in a multi-state protest Called “Zoom Out 2020 Kids on Strike.” This is a campaign where parents and students will refuse to log in to remote learning during the week of October 19th to the 25th.

“We really want to shut down the virtual learning that’s not really learning and a good replacement for it. We also want our voices to be heard,” says Trish Stone, the co-founder of Return2Learn MD Schools.

Stone says she feels distance learning has been devastating to children and parents across the nation, as she feels children are not actually learning. So, she’s hoping this strike will make a difference. “We advocate for the well being of the child, the emotional, psychological, and educational needs of every child, especially the disabled and kids living in poverty.”

Stone says as a parent she sees the impact virtual learning is having on her 17-year-old daughter who has special needs. “The school team agrees it’s very difficult for her to do virtual learning and homeschooling, she needs the educational, social, emotional, support of school.”

A local parent spoke with 47 ABC and says while she does agree that parents who want their kids to go back to school should be able to have their kids go back, she doesn’t think a virtual strike will make a big difference. “I think an actual real strike where parents were in front of a school protesting would make a more of a difference,” says parent Timothy Gordy.

She also added that kids are already getting less time with their teachers. “It’s not that I’m not for us protesting, but I think us as parents with kids home would be doing them a disservice to take away the little time they get with their teachers,” says Gordy.

While everyone may not think the protest is going to make a big difference, parents like Stone said, they’ll do whatever it takes to get their kids back in school.

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