Health officials recommend not trick or treating in other neighborhoods


WORCESTER CO., Md. – With many towns and neighborhoods across the peninsula canceling trick or treating or other Halloween activities, some residents may be tempted to invite outsiders to areas that are celebrating. But health officials say that’s not a good idea.

Travis Brown, with the Worcester County Health Department, says the CDC and other health departments strongly advise families to not trick or treat this year, saying it’s a high risk activity during the pandemic. For families in areas that are still trick or treating or hosting other events, Brown says it’s a risky idea to invite people who may live in other areas where certain festivities have been banned.

“So usually if a town bans an activity like trick or treating during a health pandemic, it is for a good reason, and we would not recommend getting around the ban by just going to another area,” he said.

Brown says that some safer celebrations could include carving pumpkins outdoors with your household members or watching a Halloween movie with people you live with.

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