Haunted Houses in Delaware preparing to have people back Friday, new changes due to COVID-19

DELAWARE- COVID-19 is not stopping some haunted attractions from scaring people this October, but don’t worry they are making changes to make sure people are safe.

Despite being unsure if they were going to be able to open this season due to the pandemic, Nightmare’s Haunted House and Screams at the Beach in Delaware, are excited to welcome people back this Friday.

The attractions got the final approval from the CDC and health department to reopen this week, now they’re working hard to get things ready.

“We’ve been trying to cram everything in and switch some things up and make it more safe for everybody,” Gary Reed, manager at Nightmare’s Haunted House, said.

“With very little help to help us get everything ready it’s put a lot of stress on us,” Scott Aiken, part owner at Screams at the Beach, said.

With new measures to ensure safety, that means a new experience for visitors.

” We want them to stay enough distance a part, you know no touching, you know before there was touching allowed, now you can’t touch, we don’t want you in anybody’s face,” Aiken said.

Along with that, these attractions are letting fewer people into their houses at a time, while requiring staff and customers to wear masks.

Nightmare’s Haunted House said they also have a new addition when it comes to cleaning efforts.

“We have a fog machine that we are going to take that’s handheld and we are going to spray it on everything, it’s very quick drying and it will sanitize everything,” Reed said.

The Delaware Department of Health said they are urging haunted attractions to follow social distancing and mask requirements.

If that doesn’t happen, there could be consequences.

“There are penalties for not complying with COVID requirements and they can result in significance fines for the operators,” Jamie Mack, Environmental Health Director for DHSS, said.

We are told Screams at the Beach starts their ticket sales at 6, and Nightmare’s Haunted House opens at 7.

Nightmare’s Haunted House said they will be checking actors temperatures before allowing them to step foot into the building.

Meanwhile, at Screams at the Beach they will be offering a haunted trail this year.

They said they are trying to make the attraction family oriented and will be donating a portion of their proceeds to local travel baseball teams.

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