Father-son duo create first ever face shield that monitors temperature

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Look out world, a new one of a kind face shield is here.

“It is a tool more than anything that will allow people to potentially get back into face-to-face interactions,” said Managing Director said Rafael Correa Jr.

After months of planning and reinventing the product, Rafael Correa Sr., along with his Son Rafael Correa Jr., has created the ICU Shield. A shield they say is the first of its kind to have a built-in thermometer to constantly check people’s temperatures.

“I said we need a combination. Something that can give people protection, which is the shield, and detection, which is the thermometer,” said Rafael Correa Sr.

So here’s how it works, you place the ICU shield over your head and then you’ll have the thermometer covering your forehead. Then give it about a minute. And wherever the green color pops up, is what your temperature is reading.

“This liquid crystal thermometer is accurate to about 1°,” said Correa Jr.

After having his temperature read incorrectly on multiple occasions with a handheld thermometer, Correra Sr. and his son wanted to create a product that would provide *accurate* up to date temperature readings at all times.

“If you’re in an office, or in the classroom, or wherever the setting might be, you can have the shared responsibility of monitoring each other’s temperatures,” said Correa Jr.

And if you think something like this wouldn’t be comfortable to wear all day, think again.

“The back is a very elastic headband that doesn’t pull your hair, the front, It encapsulates the thermometer which is actually very soft and comfortable and conforms to the individual’s forehead,” said Correa Jr.

But no matter what, this father and son duo say they’re just happy to have created something that can help keep people safe.

“Dad and I are super proud of it, we feel like we can be a small part of what it is to be a part of the great American comeback story from COVID,” said Correa Jr.

A single one of these face shields will cost you $19.99. Click here if you’d like to purchase a shield, or to learn more about the product.

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