Dorchester election officials reassure public after underage voters receive ballots in the mail

DORCHESTER CO., Md. – Dorchester County Board of Election officials are trying to reassure the public after 51 residents, under the age of 18, were included on a voter mailing list.

According to Maryland election law, 16-year-olds can register to vote and are considered active voters even though they can’t cast a ballot until they’re 18-years-old. The county says on September 8th, they sent a list of active voters to their vendor. Then on September 28th, they were told that a Cambridge resident under the age of 18 received a ballot. However officials say they’ve sifted the underage voters out and gave the vendor a final list on September 29th so they assure voters that things are correct moving forward.

“Those individuals that the city of Cambridge mailed a ballot to would not be counted and if they chose to vote and return that ballot they would be rejected in their process,” says Gwendolyn Dales, the¬†Director of the Board of Elections for Dorchester County.

Gales says she encourages people who are 16 to register to vote so that when their time comes to legally cast a ballot it’s a simple process.

For Marylanders, 18 years or older, the deadline to register to vote for the upcoming election is October 13th.

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