Debate preview: Local professor speaks on mail-in ballot discussions

SALISBURY, Md. – Thursday night will be the final debate between President Donald  Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Locally, Dr. Joshua Bolton, a professor at Salisbury University, says one hot topic tonight could be mail in ballots. President Trump has made clear that he does not trust the system, while Joe Biden has said mail in ballots have been happening for decades and is a safe system.

Dr. Bolton says millions of mail in ballots have already been cast so far and so tonight’s debate could either encourage more people to vote by mail, or not.

“By the time election day rolls around, we could have had half of people who cast a ballot do so by mail, so I think both candidates are going to speak to their base about their concerns or to bolster arguments in favor of that,” Dr. Bolton said.

We’ll have more from Dr. Bolton on Friday after the debate for a full recap.

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