Crews begin clean up, investigation after oil washes ashore in Sussex County

SUSSEX COUNTY, Del. – Clean up and in investigation are underway after an oil spill washed ashore Broadkill Beach. the oil is also being reported on Beach Plum Island near Cape Henlopen, the Roosevelt Inlet, and Lewes.

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control says that the oil is being found in drops as small as a quarter and in larger pools. DNREC tells 47ABC that some wildlife affected by the spill has been spotted as well.  “We have received a couple of reports of people who have sighted seagulls with oil on their chest and potentially some other oil on spider crabs and that sort of thing,” said Chief of Public Affairs Nikki Lavoie.

DNREC also says that they are working with the Coast Guard to figure out where the oil came from.​ The two agencies are collecting samples of the oil to see if they can trace it back to the source. Meanwhile, DNREC says that if you see an animal that has oil on it, you should leave it alone and call for help.

If you see oil washed ashore or animals affected by it in the area, you can reach DNREC’s emergency toll-free line at (800) 662-8802.

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