Congressman Andy Harris talks about this upcoming election and his campaign

MARYLAND- Maryland’s first district representative in Congress Andy Harris is outlining what issues he’d like to tackle if he beats out democratic nominee Mia Mason for another term.

“Still have a lot of work that needs to be done, protecting our water men, our farmers, our poultry industry, our tourism industries, I’m running to go back to Washington to keep helping them,” Harris said.

Harris said during his time as Congressman he’s worked to help the agriculture industry on the Eastern Shore, as well as to give a voice to the voiceless.

“We’ve helped thousands and thousands of people in the district with problems with the federal government, I’m just gonna ask people to vote for me so I can continue to work for people on the Eastern Shore and in the First Congressional District,” Harris said.

He said if re-elected there’s some more issues he would like to tackle. Such as getting all parties involved in the off-shore wind project in Ocean City on the same page before moving forward with the project.

Harris also said he wants to get the Eastern Shore economy restarted and as good as it was before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We do need temporary workers to come in and help and again we haven’t been as successful as I thought we could’ve been but going forward we are working hard, we are working with the administration,” Harris said.

Overall, Harris feels his past experience as a Congressman and being a part of the appropriations committee and the agriculture subcommittee will help the 1st Congressional District in a positive way.

“The agriculture industry, the poultry industry, this is very important to the lower shore economies, and I have positions in Congress now where I can be very helpful to the industries and therefore our economy,” Harris said.

Congressman Harris adds that he wants to make sure that veterans who live or retire on the Eastern Shore have access to the medical care they deserve.

He also said that health professionals need incentives to come work here, which means making sure the pay is high enough to attract and retain them.

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