Code Purple Sussex County making meal changes and beefing up to-go bags for new season

SUSSEX COUNTY, Del.- As we head towards winter, Code Purple Sussex County is coming out with changes so they can continue to serve people during the pandemic.
One of the biggest changes will be that they will no longer hold community dinners.

Instead, some places will have dinners brought to the shelters in separate containers and guests will have to eat them in their beds.

We’re also told they will try to beef up their to-go bags for places not offering meals this season, but they said they need the community’s help to fill those bags up.

“These are lives we are talking about, these are people and they matter and we are doing our best to help, but we are just a few people you know, we have to have the community, Code Purple Sussex County runs with the communities help, no other way,” Nikki Gonzalez, Executive Director of CPSC, said.

We are told that people should look on Code Purple Sussex County website to find out which shelters will serve meals.

They said they are looking for donations of canned or pouched meats, fruit, nuts, and microwavable items.

CPSC is always looking for volunteers, especially for this upcoming season, so make sure to reach out to them if you want to help.

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