Berlin swears in new mayor


BERLIN, Md. – It’s official: the town of Berlin has a new mayor. Mayor Zack Tyndall was sworn into office during Tuesday night’s mayor and council meeting. The newly elected mayor was formerly a Berlin town council member. But Mayor Tyndall won his seat in the mayor’s office by a landslide.

Mayor Tyndall says his first few weeks will be focused on touching base with town department heads. He says that one of his other big focuses will be going over the town’s finances and seeing where they can save money over the next few fiscal years. “Finance has been one of my hobbies as you may say. So it’s an area where I think the town of Berlin can improve and a place where I think I can add value,” said Mayor Tyndall.

The mayor says that overall, he’s excited to connect even more with his constituents and serve as an advocate for them. “The people are looking for new leadership based off of the numbers of people who turned out to vote, and who voted for me. That was a huge voter pool that said we’re ready for something different. We’re ready for a fresh perspective,” said Mayor Tyndall.

The mayor tells 47ABC he wants his constituents to know that he’s a citizen just like everybody else. Mayor Tyndall says that he’s always open to listening to and speaking with Berlin’s residents. He adds that he’ll do whatever he can to make time for as many people as possible.

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