Acle, Scott face off for Wicomico County council seat

SALISBURY, Md. – Two candidates. One seat. And a November election that will decide if incumbent Nicole Acle will stay on the Wicomico County Council representing District 2 or if Alex Scott will take her place.

“I have some projects that I still need to see through,” said Acle.

“I really do believe that I’m ready for that position and I hope that I can make the voters believe me as well,” said Scott.

Acle, who was appointed to the Wicomico County District 2 seat in 2019 after former council member Marc Kilmer stepped down, says one of her main focuses is educational advocacy as families and students deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m a mother of three children I’m going through what every parent’s going through,” said Acle.

Meanwhile, Scott says he wants to focus on investing in the educational system in order to prepare students for the real world.

“Every year we have thousands of students that become taxpayers, they become employees, and sometimes even employers,” said Scott.

Another thing each candidate says they’d like to work on is creating more transparency. Scott tells 47ABC after seeing how the county council handled the search process for the next County Executive he felt something needed to be done.

“We had not a transparent process at all. I was so disappointed to watch how our county council handled the county executive replacement,” said Scott.

Meanwhile, Acle says she was very transparent during that process and will continue to be.

“I’m a complete open book and I don’t have anything to hide and I don’t want to divert or mislead anyone,” said Acle.

The coronavirus is also an issue both candidates are speaking openly about when it comes to helping residents and businesses affected by the pandemic.

“COVID has restricted people who are in the service industry and the construction industry. The library is still not open. And that’s where citizens get their GED, so we need to get that open,” said Acle.

“I know how we’re all struggling because I’m one of them. If we’re going to find a way through this and come out on the other end of this even stronger than before, it’s going to take good community leadership,” said Scott.

Acle also says if elected, she will continue to see the process through with the Pirate’s Wharf Project. Meanwhile, Scott says he wants to focus on the environment as well, to ensure Wicomico County is a healthy and thriving place to live.

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