“We have to back the blue”: Witzke makes final push for Delaware’s U.S. Senate seat, ahead of primary

DELAWARE – Lauren Witzke is one of two candidates running for the Republican nomination for Delaware’s U.S. Senate seat which is currently held by Democrat Chris Coons.

Witzke is a Delmar native who launched her campaign in January. Her platform consists of a full ten year moratorium on all immigration, offering incentives for marriage and families who have children as well as funding long-term faith-based recovery programs to address the opioid epidemic.

47 ABC asked the candidate where she stands on concerns about police brutality and criminal justice reform and she says, “The only changes I would make to the police force is more funding for more equipment, more guns and police officers. Especially now we have to back the blue because they have been keeping us safe and if we don’t support them and we move to defund them to replace them with therapists, there will be anarchy, complete anarchy in our streets.”

Additionally when it comes to the coronavirus response, Witzke says she wants to see states reopen and kids go back to school adding that small businesses and the mental health of students are at stake.

Delaware’s Statewide Primary is being held on September 15, 2020. Click here for Delaware voting information.

To learn more about her campaign for U.S. Senate, visit LaurenWitzke.com.

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