Republican Lauren Witzke challenging Sen. Chris Coons

DELAWARE – A Sussex County resident is throwing her hat in the ring for one of Delaware’s United States Senate Seats. On Wednesday, 47 ABC spoke with Lauren Witzke for her first sit down television interview.

The Delmar native isn’t shy about sharing details from her past including an opioid addiction, one of the main reasons she decided to run. She launched her campaign for United States Senate two weeks ago. While she knows she has a lot of work to do, laying out specific details for her platforms, she’s confident she can represent Delaware at a national level.

“Chris Coons has been in office for six years now and it hasn’t gotten better,” says Witzke. “I didn’t feel like all the issues that needed to be addressed in the United States were being addressed.”

Witzke says she brings a unique perspective to the table when it comes to fighting the opioid epidemic because she’s in recovery herself. “As somebody that has walked through it myself and has overcome addiction, I can give a special account and insight into solutions and present real solutions to the problem that have produced real results.”

Witzke tells 47 ABC, one of the first bills she’ll draft as a Senator would federally fund faith based long term recovery programs. “A lot of people focus too much on the fact that it’s faith based rather than the fact that it works. They offer 70 to 80 percent success rates.”

Witzke admits she’s still working to create concrete platforms when it comes to topics like health care. But she’s laser focused on the demographic she wants to help. “Any decision I make will be to benefit thirty-year-olds having children and making it as easy as possible for us to have families.”

A hot button issue for that demographic is student loan debt, an issue Witzke also wants to address. “We’re going to be focusing on accountability for the colleges so when the colleges are raking in all this money they should be held accountable as well as the students for their success.”

She believes a lot of the financial problems the United States has are related to foreign aid. It’s money that, Witzke says, could be used in a more beneficial way. “We want to end the forever wars and we want to bring the money here. We want to spend it on Americans. We want it spent on Americans and improving American lives.”

47 ABC also spoke to Lauren Witzke about her platforms on immigration, gun control and the environment. She says she supports a full ten year moratorium on immigration, netting in zero. That means the amount of people coming into the country for permanent residence, based on merit, is balanced out by those leaving. As for gun control, she’s pro second amendment and doesn’t support red flag laws. Lastly, she wants to help the environment but is still wants to research the best ways to do so.

According to the Federal Election Commission, Democrat Jessica Scarane and Independent Mark Turley have also filed to run against incumbent Senator Chris Coons. Delaware residents will have the chance to vote on that seat this upcoming November.

Click here for Lauren Witzke’s website.

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