The Brightside: New, one-of-a-kind flower shop helps people’s creativity bloom

MILFORD, Del. – There’s a new store in town in Milford, Delaware.

Cookie’s Paper Petals isn’t your ordinary flower shop, but owner Anastasia Jackson isn’t your ordinary florist.

Jackson is a paper florist, meaning she doesn’t need sunlight, water or fertilizer to grow her flowers… she just needs scissors, glue and a whole lot of paper.

Jackson said, “I’ve made so many flowers I stopped counting!”

Anastasia Jackson owns the only paper flower shop on the East Coast.

“It will be for my grandkids and their kids. They’ll be able to see that their great grandmother started the first paper flower shop,” she said.

The name of the shop, Cookie’s Paper Petals, was inspired by the nickname given to Jackson by her grandmother.

“She nicknamed me Cookie so that’s why it’s Cookies Paper Petals,” Jackson explained.

Back in 2017 when Jackson’s grandmother passed, she realized she didn’t have a hobby. She turned to Youtube to lift her spirits and help her creativity bloom.

“I saw paper flowers and that captured my attention, so I thought I’d give it a try,” Jackson said.

After getting good at the craft, Jackson started a Facebook page and then an Etsy Shop soon after. It wasn’t long before the requests for flowers started pouring in. At the same time though, people wanted to know how she was making the flowers. As a result, Jackson started Tutorial Tuesday’s, something that exploded in popularity during the pandemic.

Jackson said, “Everybody was home watching me make paper flowers and it was something positive to put back in the atmosphere with people watching me make paper flowers on Facebook lives.”

It wasn’t until recently that Anastasia opened up her physical shop in Milford. Now, she’s able to teach people in person.

Overall, Jackson’s goal with her shop is to plant seeds of creativity in the Milford community and teach people they too can start a business doing what they love.

Cookie’s Paper Petals is open 10 AM to 5 PM on Saturday and 1 PM to 5 PM on Sunday. If you want to learn how to make your own paper flowers, on Thursday’s Jackson opens up her store at 6 PM for classes. Right now she is accepting five people per class.

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