“She just would not give up” – candlelight vigil held to honor Justice Ginsburg, call for removal of Talbot Boys statue

EASTON, Md. – About a hundred people gathered on the lawn of Talbot County’s courthouse Tuesday night. The issue at hand was the Talbot Boys Statue that remains standing after months of debate over whether or not to keep it. Back in August, Talbot County Council voted to keep the Confederate monument in place.

President of the Talbot County branch of the NAACP Richard Potter says the statue has no place on the grounds of a court of law. “With a Confederate monument on the courthouse lawn, what type of justice do we think – the perception of justice – do we think an African American can get?” said Potter.

Folks have been gathering to protest the statue since the council’s vote. But Tuesday’s protest was in a different spirit. Demonstrators say that they’re dedicating this vigil to the late United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Organizer Denice Lombard says that Justice Ginsburg’s reputation for being the great dissenter in America’s highest court falls in line with their dissent to keeping the Talbot Boys Statue in place. “She just would not give up, and we are committed to the fight to get rid of the Confederate statue,” said Lombard.

Lombard tells 47ABC that the vigil and peaceful protest is in the spirit of love and paying homage to a highly respected voice in the Supreme Court. Organizers say they hope to work together with Talbot County Council to reach a solution. “We’re not a mob. We’re a group of people that really care about something, and we’re taking action on that,” said Lombard.

Potter says that he’s been working on setting up a meeting with Talbot County Council sometime in October. He says the purpose of the meeting would be to figure out how they can move forward, and past the Talbot Boys statue. 47ABC did reach out to Talbot County Council – and did not hear back.

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