Sandhill Fields sports complex is open, many already taking advantage of its Georgetown fields

GEORGETOWN, Del.- Wednesday, the Sussex Sports Center Foundation announced the grand opening of the Sandhill Fields sports complex in Georgetown at a public event.
The new complex is filled with 8 fields, 6 pickleball courts, and walking trails.

“It’s a great thing to say now we have River Soccer and we have this facility and we have Hudson Fields and we have DE Turf, this is a mecca now for wonderful tournaments,” Joe Schell, President of Sussex Sports Center Foundation, said.

This new addition to the Sussex County community is something that some have been looking forward to for awhile.

“I feel like it’s nice that we have these fields now because I remember growing up we didn’t have these we would just go to the park and kick around and sometimes we would fall because there were holes everywhere and stuff, but these fields are really nice,” Jose Rojas, a Georgetown resident, said.

The president of the The Sussex Sports Center Foundation told us this project cost a little less than $6.5 million dollars, but they are hoping in return it will help the county grow economically by attracting teams and tournaments.

“For people to come from other places spend their money in Delaware to Delaware businesses it’s just great for Delaware,” Schell said.

Some also hope it will be a place to bring the community together.

“Ever since I heard about the place opening I was like I’m definitely gonna be here every single day or try to, so I mean it’s an opportunity for young guys to come out here and enjoy the fields, enjoy with family,” Kel Kelordonez, a Georgetown resident, said.

Now that the facility is open, community members and leaders tell us they hope people will treat it respectfully and pick up after themselves so that people will want to continue to come back Sandhill Fields.

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