Peninsula Wellness opens new holistic health campus, cannabis dispensary

SALISBURY, Md. – Peninsula Alternative Health, a medicinal cannabis dispensary, opened its Wellness Campus in Salisbury on Wednesday.

“For the longest time people just associated us with one thing and that’s weed and cannabis. We’ve done so much more than that and we’ve also realized that our patients needed so much more than that,” says Anthony Darby, the CEO of Peninsula Wellness.

The new campus is located at 1003 Mount Hermon Road in Salisbury. The dispensary, first known as Peninsula Alternative Health, opened in September 2017 on Snow Hill Road. They quickly outgrew that building and were in desperate need of a more accessible space with additional parking.

“For those dispensary patients they are going to have a much better experience. They are going to see wider doorways, more room in the waiting room, more room in the retail room,” says Darby.

However, Darby says finding a new location wasn’t an easy task. “In our industry we face several challenges. There’s still a stigma around what we do but even more so just the lack of access to banking and normal financial resources.”

So part of what they’re trying to do with the new wellness center is get rid of that stigma by educating the community. “Cannabis in our mind has always been a tool of wellness. It’s just one tool and many people need many tools in their arsenal to get to the quality health outcome that they need,” says Darby.

In addition to the larger dispensary they now have a community room for educational classes and activities like yoga along with a retail space featuring items like CBD oils, supplements and consultations.

“It’s extremely tough just to come in to the dispensary and just purchase your medication, use it efficiently and expect maximum outcome without some sort of guidance,” says Donnie Jackson, the Director of Patient Services at Peninsula Wellness.

They’re hoping they can serve as an overall wellness resource for a wide variety of people in the community. “Now that we have these tools that are non cannabis related, a lot of parents and a lot of folks are having a much more open mind to how we can serve and help them,” says Darby.

You don’t need a medical card to go into the wellness center. In fact, Darby says they encourage members of the public who are curious about their products and services to walk in and talk with a member of their staff. They plan on starting up community classes in October with the option to stream them live as well.

Due to the pandemic the state has allowed them to offer curbside pickup, which is something they are petitioning to make a permanent change.

Peninsula Wellness now employs more than 20 people.

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