“Nothing is off the table in terms of taking the right steps to deliver quality education”; Universities plan to deal with budget cuts

MARYLAND-As COVID-19 continues to impact the economy, the University System of Maryland and it’s universities are planning on how to deal with the negative impacts on university finances and that might mean some salary cuts.

“The UMES administration will have to walk a tight rope on how to bridge the gap, to bridge the gap with the least impact,” Bill Robinson, UMES PR Director, said.

Earlier this week, USM said in this coming year nearly every source of system revenue will fall, including federal and state funding.

“SU had looked at 2 hundred and 1 million dollar budget for this fiscal year we are now looking at a 26 million dollar reduction from that budget,” Jason Rhodes, PR Director and SU Spokesperson, said.

Universities like Salisbury University and University of Maryland Eastern Shore told us that they rely on this funding, as well as tuition and fees, and auxiliary services to help their finances.

But with less students on campus, having to pay for PPE, and organizations not renting out their event spaces, it has hurt them.

So in response, the heads of both institutions are taking temporary pay cuts and at UMES they hope they won’t have ask upper leadership to do so as well.

“Obviously hope is the key word there, but nothing is off the table in terms of taking the right steps to deliver quality education,” Robinson said.

“Most of the faculty at SU does not have to worry about furloughs at this point, does not have to worry about lay-offs, does not have to worry about salary reductions, but that could change if the budget fixture changes,” Rhodes said.

We are told the USM Chancellor will also be making 10% temporary salary cut.

Also, SU said to save costs they will not be filling vacated positions right now.

UMES said they have been providing free COVID testing for faculty and staff and that has not been cheap.

Both colleges said if possible more funding would be helpful during this time.

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