National Folk Festival just days away


SALISBURY, Md. – The National Folk Festival is just days away. But this year it’ll be taking place virtually for the first time ever. “We’re just trying to communicate as clearly as we can when things are happening. Usually when we have the festival we have program guides and we have our traffic guides and all that fun stuff,” said Local Manager for the National Folk Festival Caroline O’Hare.

The virtual celebration will include performances from the last two years. It will also have original recordings from artists who were supposed to perform this year. Plus, there will be plenty of activities to take part in online. “It’s really neat because people remember that excitement and that joy of the festival. I think they’re into it. I hope we meet their expectations because I have the feeling we have a lot of eyes on this. But we are doing our best,” said O’Hare.

O’Hare says as the event approaches, her team has been busy making sure people know how they can take part. She says she’s confident this year will be as exciting as years past – even if the festival is online. “I think the variety of music and art and messages and activities that we’re offering will bring the same excitement that people get when they experience the festival first hand,” said O’Hare.

It is important to note that this year’s festival hasn’t been cancelled – rather its been postponed to September of 2021. This year’s virtual celebration will be free to all. To learn more about the festival, click here.

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