MDOT MVA rolls out online program to make access to services easier

MARYLAND – The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration is rolling out a new online tool to help people get some services done more quickly. First Stop is designed to help people do things like change their address and renew their license online rather than in person. “It’s all about convenience for our customers and making sure that they understand exactly what services apply to them. First Stop is really a tool to help customers determine that. You put in your driver’s license or vehicle information and it tells you exactly what services you can do,” said MDOT MVA Administrator Chrissy Nizer.

Nizer says that they’ve been encouraging people to use online services for quite some time now. But the COVID-19 pandemic has made the need for this service bigger. Nizer says this is because MDOT MVA offices are operating on an appointment only basis. “As opposed to just telling customers that the service is out there, why not create personalized service that’s for them, where they can enter their information and it tells them exactly what they can do? It’s a way to put really more information at the customer’s fingertips and make it as easy as we possibly can,” said Nizer.

Nizer tells 47ABC that if the services you need aren’t included in First Stop, you’re always welcome to make an appointment at an MDOT MVA office. “There’s so many services that are now available. We continue to develop new services every day and make them available on our website. So we really want you to think first, and that’s why the name is First Stop, so you check out the website and see what’s available there,” said Nizer.

To access MDOT MVA’s First Stop, click here.

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