Local school districts move toward more hybrid instruction

DELMARVA – Across Delmarva, more school districts are deciding to transition from virtual learning to hybrid learning. Talbot County Public Schools is making the transition toward a hybrid learning model. Of course, that doesn’t come without challenges. “You could just say cut the kids in half and make these kids a day, this half b day. But you actually have to look at their actual schedule to make sure that you’re not having more than 12 or 13 in a class,” said Superintendent Dr. Kelly Griffith.

By October 19th, Talbot County Public Schools students will return to school with a hybrid online and in person learning model if they choose to do so. Dr. Griffith says that the school district is now tasked with supporting teachers as they work through the hybrid model – and figuring out how to keep their students socially distanced both on the bus and in the classrooms. “When you really put the six foot distancing in place, some of our classrooms the largest group they can hold is nine because it’s an older building. They’re just smaller classrooms,” said Dr. Griffith.

Meanwhile in Delaware, more Indian River School District students are being added to the list of those who can return back to school for hybrid learning. Students in fourth through eighth grade who opt into hybrid learning will be back in their classrooms by November 17th. Superintendent Dr. Jay Owens says they wanted to phase in hybrid learning students to make sure their safety protocols were successful. “We wanted to have a slow roll in with the process for the students to ensure that our safety protocols were working as intended,” said Dr. Owens.

Dr. Owens also tells 47ABC that they’re working to support teachers and staff as they balance their classes. “They’re learning a new way of teaching. So a portion of their students are receiving instruction remotely. They are in front of a computer providing instruction, and that’s difficult,” said Dr. Owens.

Both superintendents say that they’re regularly assessing the situation, and going back to completely virtual learning isn’t off the table if the threat of COVID-19 worsens. To see the updated reopening plan for Indian River School District, click here. To see the updated reopening plan for Talbot County Public Schools, click here.

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