Indoor movie theaters can reopen at 5 p.m. on Friday, OC theaters say they are excited to welcome customers back

OCEAN CITY, Md.- Friday at 5 p.m. in Maryland indoor movie theaters will finally have the opportunity to open their doors again after having them shut for months due to the pandemic.

“We are finally excited very excited to finally open our doors on the inside the past month we’ve been running a drive-in out in the back parking lot and that has been good but but our main goal is to get inside open,” Andrew Seyler, Sun and Surf Cinemas manager, said.

Theaters we spoke to in Ocean City told us they are very happy to have customers back inside of their theaters.

“We just wanna see them again, we want them to be back and I think people wanna lose themselves in something outside of their own lives for awhile too,” Janet Oprendek, VP of Operations for Flagship Cinemas, said.

Both Flagship Cinemas and surf and Sun Cinema said their main goal right now is making sure customers know they are bringing back people safely.

“They don’t have to feel cautious about the movie theater we are taking every precaution as far as cleanliness and safe and everybody should feel good about coming to the movie theater again,” Seyler said.

That is why they are making sure to follow all of the social distancing guidelines, doing deep cleaning, and sanitizing to the fullest.

“We have social distancing stickers on the floor to keep people apart we have a room set up and we have shields in the place,” Seyler said.

Both places tell me they even have a system for seating so that guests not in the same group wont be seated next to each other.

“When people buy their tickets either at the theater or online, once they made their seat selection the seats on either side of them are automatically removed,” Oprendek said.

Flagship Cinemas said being able to offer movies again in theater will give people something to look forward to and it will also bring people back together in a safe way.

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