Heroes For Heroes project underway in Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. – A group of community members is working together to start a program that would provide students with tutoring and WiFi access. Heroes for Heroes met for the first time Tuesday night – and went over their organizational plans. “We want to make a difference. This is a community. It’s not just a neighborhood. It’s all Salisbury, and everyone has a little bit to give,” said organizer Carol Donahue.

Heroes For Heroes is looking at a number of ideas. That includes getting community leaders and other organizations involved, possibly providing meals for students, and getting sanitization and school supplies. “It’s a community project. It’s not going to take just five or six or ten people. It’s going to take the community to do it. For the kids, it’s important to them. They want to see that the community’s there for them,” said organizer Deandre Molock.

The group is working with the Wicomico County Board of Education to get them involved as well. Donahue says they were inspired to get the program going after seeing their community struggle with back to school plans amid COVID-19. “I’ve seen over the years through my own children’s education that there’s a need in many different communities. They need special help for those kids that need help. So we want to go in there and help the children,” said Donahue.

Heroes For Heroes plans to meet every week to further the project. They say they’ll be reaching out to local organizations for help with finding a space to have the program. They’re also looking for community leaders who want to get involved to help inspire children to succeed.

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