DSU receives nearly $600k grant for hemp research

DOVER, Del. – Delaware State University students will soon have the opportunity for more hands on learning involving hemp research.

The university received a three year, nearly 600 thousand dollar grant from the National Science Foundation to fund the research.

Kimberly MIlligan, an assistant professor at the university, says the grant will help students get real, hands on experience in the field rather than solely working in a lab under the guidance of a professor.

That, she says, could especially benefit younger students at the university who didn’t previously have opportunities like this.

“What we’re going to do is we’re introducing real research experiences to freshman and sophomores, so students who normally wouldn’t get or have access to research until later on in their matriculation,” Milligan said.

Professor Milligan says students will start on the research as soon as next month, and then they’ll continue to develop the program in the coming months. She adds that focusing on hemp is important for the African American community, as it’s a field that’s commonly misunderstood in the United States.

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