Delaware task force looking to create statewide Use of Force policy

DELAWARE – Discussions around police reform continue in Delaware, as the subcommittee tasked with looking at Use of Force policies for law enforcement held its first meeting on Wednesday.

The members of the Use of Force subcommittee will review policies from other states, data from use of force incidents as well as previous legal cases where use of force was examined in the state.

The subcommittee has 17 members and is part of the Delaware Law Enforcement Accountability Task Force that was formed earlier this year as a result of the Delaware Legislative Black Caucus Justice for All Agenda. Some of the members include Lieutenant Thomas Brackin with the Delaware State Trooper Association, Delaware Representative Sean Lynn as well as the Delaware ACLU.

Attorney General Kathy Jennings says the goal is to create a policy to cover all the departments in the state. “The goal here is to enact a statewide policy that would cover all 48 police departments in this small state of Delaware and that would encompass within it issues that we are talking about in the subcommittees such as de escalation.”

The subcommittee will also be looking at how situations involving mental health can be incorporated into a statewide use of force policy. There are three other subcommittees involved in the Task Force. They are addressing topics such as community policing and engagement, workforce development as well as transparency and accountability.

The Workforce Development Subcommittee will hold its first public meeting on Tuesday, September 22nd from 4 PM to 6 PM. Members of the public can submit comments online by emailing LEOTask

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