Delaware leaders urging people to fill out 2020 Census as deadline approaches

DELAWARE- With the deadline to complete the 2020 census fast approaching, state leaders as well as organizations in Delaware are urging people to do their part so that the first state can get the funding it needs.

“Being a small state we need as many people as we can to participate to ensure that we get every dollar,” Community Development Program Manger at First State Community Action Agency, said.

Delaware’s Lieutenant Governor, Bethany Hall-Long, said the Complete Count Commission set a goal of 80 percent for a response rate, but right now the state is trending low.

“Kent County is running around just under 70 percent self response, so people responding 70 percent, and also Sussex though is much lower getting better, but it’s still only at around 54 percent,” Hall-Long said.

Due to the poor response of the 2010 census, we’re told the state lost around 10 million a year for organizations and services.

“All the things we do with funding for our children, our schools our lunch programs, or their healthcare, whether its they’re looking for medicaid dollars it goes back to who gets counted,” Hall-Long said.

That is why local organizations, like First State Community Action Agency, which brings resources to the community to fight poverty, said people need to fill out the 2020 census.

“If we don’t participate then the money that you or I pay in wage taxes or pay to the IRS could be going to another state, and not coming back to Delaware,” Wright said.

Hall-Long said in the last several weeks the state put some funding aside for people to go out in the community, like in Sussex and Kent Counties, to get the word out about filling out the census.

But we’re told it’s really up to the people in the community to be responsible and do their part to take care of Delaware.

You have until September 30th to fill it out.

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