Del. gubernatorial nominees selected, say the fight isn’t over yet


DELAWARE – As Delaware’s primary election results started rolling in last night, it became clear who people in the first state could expect to see on the ballot come November. For many Delawareans it comes as no surprise that incumbent Governor John Carney secured the nomination to make his case for four more years in office. Meanwhile, the Republican race was close – but ultimately Julianne Murray came out on top over her opponent Colin Bonini.

On the Democratic side – incumbent Governor John Carney will be defending his seat in office. Governor Carney won 85% of the vote on the Democratic ticket. He says his main focus right now is strengthening Delaware’s economy and keeping people safe from COVID-19. “Now it’s all in the context of COVID-19 – it’s affect on the health of the community and the strength of the economy. But the approach is different. The approach is now here’s what I did,” said Gov. Carney.

Representing the Republicans – is political newcomer Julianne Murray. Murray garnered 41% of votes against her Republican opponents. Murray says that Delaware’s economy was broken before the COVID-19 pandemic and people are ready for a change. “Delaware was having economic woes before COVID-19 and I have a plan to revive it that I’ve been talking to people about. I’ve talked about small business and the small business bill of rights,” said Murray.

Murray says that – if elected – she hopes to bring what she calls a “fresh start” to Delaware’s top office. “In this particular election, I think that it’s going to be about the person more than the party. I am going to resonate with unaffiliated voters and Democrats,” said Murray.

Meanwhile, Governor Carney says that if he gets four more years in office, he would try to strike a balance between a healthy community and strong economy. “I’ve tried to use that opportunity – that privilege – to meet the needs of the safety and economic needs of every Delawarean. Judge me on our performance – and that’s what this is really going to be about,” said Gov. Carney.

Julianne Murray says that the last leg of her campaign will focus on just how Delaware can overcome the financial and health challenges that it faces. Governor Carney says that he feels his election is a clear choice for Delawareans – and he hopes that they’ll keep the governor’s seat unchanged.

It is important to remember that these are the unofficial results. Delaware is expected to certify results on Friday.

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