Del. Dept. of Corrections using innovative wound care to help inmates improve health

DELAWARE – Inmates in Delaware’s Department of Corrections facilities are getting a new type of healthcare to help them recover more quickly from injuries. DOC facilities are using a telehealth company called MyWoundDoctor to help make personalized treatment plans for inmates suffering from open wounds. “Our new healthcare partner has brought a very innovative, specialized wound treatment wound treatment care so that we get inmates treated quicker, and the recovery time is much faster. The results are much better. It’s an important service that we’re providing,” said Del. DOC Commissioner Claire DeMatteis.

Commissioner DeMatteis says that to date, 21 inmates have been able to recover from wounds using the service. Commissioner DeMatteis tells 47ABC that not only does using the service improve the health of inmates, it also relieves the strain on local healthcare systems amid COVID-19. “Hospitals’ first priority right now is treating COVID patients, as it should be. But we still have offenders who have wounds that need to be healed, and that’s where this service comes in. It really helps us be much more efficient and effective at our medical care,” said Commissioner DeMatteis.

Commissioner DeMatteis also says that the issue of treating wounds from injecting drugs is something that isn’t talked about often. But she hopes that by addressing it, the DOC can improve inmates overall health and safety.

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