Bikers gather in Ocean City despite Bike Week cancellation

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Even though Ocean City’s Bike Week is officially cancelled, town officials say that a number of bikers are still in town this weekend. “The official Bike Week was cancelled mainly due to the COVID restrictions. The police department has been monitoring that there is an unofficial Bike Week going on through social media,” said Deputy Communications Director for the Ocean City Police Department Ashley Miller.

Miller says that the police department is not particularly concerned about this unofficial event and will not have any additional officers on the streets. “We welcome everybody in town. It is unfortunate that with the COVID resurgence a lot of the normal events that Ocean City’s visitors and residents are accustomed to seeing have been cancelled this year,” said Miller.

Some bikers say that even though they’re disappointed about Bike Week being cancelled, they don’t feel the unofficial event is worth the risk. “I have people I love and family. Some of them are immunocompromised. Some of them are older than me. I don’t want to get them sick. I don’t want to go to any more funerals. I don’t want to die either,” said local biker Kim Vallejo.

Vallejo says she usually participates in events like Bike Week – but this year she’s being more cautious. “The spirit’s still alive. But I just can’t see going and coming back and being a spreader. If I don’t have it, suppose I affect someone’s grandma or kid?” said Vallejo.

Meanwhile – Miller tells 47ABC that the bikers are still more than welcome to visit Ocean City as they do every year. But she just reminds them to be safe when it comes to COVID-19. “Everybody that comes to town – we always welcome them and we just ask that all participants, whether they’re here for an official event or an unofficial event, respects our community,” said Miller.

The organizer of the “OC Underground Bike Rally” tells us that there are a number of activities lined up – including live music. She says that so far the unofficial events have drawn a huge response on social media. The organizer also says that a number of local businesses and restaurants are supporting them.

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