Wicomico, Worcester Counties clean up after Isaias sweeps through


MARYLAND – Several parts of Delmarva took damage today as a result of Isaias. In Wicomico and Worcester Counties, crews spent most of the day cleaning up. “We went from worst to best all within a 12 hour period,” said Ocean City Fire Department Chief Richard Bowers.

Tuesday afternoon skies were clear. But that wasn’t the case as Isaias ripped through Delmarva in the morning hours. In Ocean City no injuries were reported. But the physical damage to property was clear as crews spent the day clearing debris. Chief Bowers tells 47ABC that one major concern was making sure people avoided any downed power lines. “Any downed wire was a life safety hazard. We wanted to make sure that no one touched it or walked on it. Thankfully we did not have any injuries,” said Chief Bowers.

Chief Bowers says he feels the people of Ocean City were well prepared for the storms effects. He says that’s probably why there weren’t any serious injuries or worse – death. “I think people did listen to stay home because the streets were not crowded. People seemed to be kind of hunkered down,” said Chief Bowers.

Chief Bowers says he expects most cleanup to be done tomorrow. But he’s urging people to be careful of rip currents in Ocean City’s waters. He says just because the weather might be nice – doesn’t mean the threat of dangerous surf is gone.

Meanwhile in Wicomico County – the storm did similar damage, ripping down power lines and tearing apart trees. A tornado touched down in Mardela Springs, sending a house sliding off of its foundation – and injuring the woman who lives inside. “I’ve spoken to the woman that was involved in it. She’s fine. She was shaken up, but that’s the only injury at this time we can kind of relate directly to the event,” said Director of the Wicomico County Department of Emergency Services David Shipley.

Shipley tells 47ABC that now that Isaias has made its way away from Delmarva – the focus is clean up and monitoring water levels in the Wicomico River. “One of the things that was associated with the storm was tidal flooding. That’s what we’re dealing with right now. We will deal with tidal flooding today and probably even tomorrow. That’s a spin off of the storm,” said Shipley.


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