Talbot County Public Schools announces plans for reopening

TALBOT COUNTY, Md. – Talbot County has settled on a plan for how they will reopen schools this year. During Wednesday’s Board of Education meeting, multiple facets of the plan were discussed. That includes hiring additional custodial staff, increased cleaning protocols, and building filtration systems. The board also talked about providing personal protective equipment for all students and staff, and health screening for staff.

The district settled on a phased-in approach that includes five stages. It was decided that the district would monitor health statistics with the Talbot County Health Department on a daily basis. For now, the five stage plan would unfold like this:

  • Phase 1 – Remote Synchronous Learning (Stage 2 Red)  All students will attend school virtually.  Families will elect an a.m. vs. p.m. option during parent-teacher conferences.  Two full days are built in for conferences before the start of school on September 8, and each school has its own schedule to ensure that every family is contacted.
  • Phase 2 – Blended Synchronous Learning (Stage 2 Orange) Schools or individual teachers will extend invitations to students in special population groups to participate in face-to -face instruction in small groups.  Availability of face-to-face instruction will depend upon staff commitment and family response.
  • Phase 3 and Phase 4 – Blended Synchronous Learning (Stage 3 Yellow) Families may elect to continue virtual instruction in lieu of face-to-face hybrid instruction if they choose.
  • Phase 5 – In-Person Synchronous Learning (Stage 3) Families may elect to continue virtual instruction in lieu of face-to-face instruction if they choose.

Superintendent Dr. Kelly Griffith explained that each school is developing details to meet their specific needs for their environments and student populations. Dr. Griffith also said that she feels it’s important for parents to experience virtual learning before they make any decisions about transitioning their child back to in-person instruction.

Talbot County Public Schools says they will continue to refine the plan as more information is received from the Centers for Disease Control and the Maryland State Department of Education. They will also be conducting a survey for parents of special populations. The district says that survey will help them to identify the small groups that will be first to return.

Plus – the district says they will help in any way they can to increase internet connectivity for students who need it. Talbot County Public Schools also says they will monitor state developments and follow any directives or orders from Governor Larry Hogan.

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