Smith Island students face unique challenges for upcoming school year

SMITH ISLAND, Md. – Somerset County students who live on Smith Island are facing some unique challenges as the school year approaches.

Locals say there are about a dozen students who live on the island, about half are home schooled while the other half take a boat to the mainland in order to attend public school. However, locals say many families are choosing the home school route instead because limited access to high speed internet makes distance learning difficult.

“The internet service over here in really bad. It continues to be a challenge for us. We don’t really have the option for virtual learning,” says Carole Landon, a parent and Smith Island resident.

Families say the county’s school board has tried to accommodate students on the island by uploading all the files they may need to learn virtually on a laptop. The schools may also continue to have that as an option for students on the island even when the pandemic subsides.

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